Malware & Virus Removal by PC Man

Computer problems are not always hardware related. Your computer may be running slowly, your internet browser plagued with pop-ups or perhaps your computer keeps crashing or behaving unpredictably. These issues are often caused by malware (malicious software). Virus and malware attacks are by no means a new phenomenon, but cyber-criminals are becoming smarter and successful cyber-attacks are becoming far more serious.

Often viruses can only be removed with professional help. We are experienced in identifying viruses and malware, so can quickly help remove the virus and repair any damage done. We will also ensure that you are protected from future attacks by installing a robust security solution.

If you are running a business, your computers may hold details of crucial customer information and data that needs to be protected. A major virus attack can lead to downtime and missed opportunities. We can advise on security, data backups and the implementation of reliable endpoint antivirus for both Windows and Apple computers, ensuring that your business can run effectively, even in the event of unforeseeable circumstances.


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