Apple & Windows Computer Services

PC Man provide bespoke Apple and Windows computer services and IT support solutions to best suit our clients’ needs, from ad hoc support to full service contracts with SLAs.


Whether your computer keeps crashing, freezing, won’t boot or is suffering from a failed hardware component such as a hard drive, PC Man is experienced in all areas of hardware support and can get you back up and running as quickly as possible. We also run a dedicated laptop repair service.


Have you bought a new Windows PC, Apple computer or printer and don’t know where to begin? PC Man is happy to help! We can install hardware components such as, sound cards, graphics cards, hard drives, RAM and motherboards. We can also assist you with software installation, such as Microsoft Office 365, an antivirus solution or simple printer and scanner applications.

We are also experienced with business accountancy software such as Quick Books and Sage Line 50, Instant Accounts and Payroll.


Have you bought a new a Windows PC or Apple computer and want to transfer data from one to the other? We can safely migrate all your data for you. We can also transfer data from tablets and smartphones – iPhone or Samsung, from an external hard drive or just about any other external media source.

PC Man can also advise you on backup solutions to ensure you never lose important files.


Does your computer seem to struggle when trying to open large files or display enhanced graphics? Perhaps the overall user experience seems laboured and unresponsive?  Many people might think they need to buy a new computer but with an upgrade, you may well be able to turn your current computer into a faster, more efficient machine.

Our computer technicians can upgrade your computer’s memory, hard drive, sound or graphics cards and carry out software upgrades too.  If your machine really cannot be improved in a manner that is economically viable, we can offer great deals on supplying you with new computers from the UK’s leading hardware manufacturers.


General day to day use, installing and removing programs and internet browsing can all affect your computer’s performance. It’s recommended that your computer should be cleaned inside and out at least once a year and your system checked regularly. Maintaining your computer will add to its longevity and help to keep it working efficiently.

PC Man can perform a physical computer health check, removing debris and any physical ailments which may be impacting on system performance and overall system health. We can also perform a virtual health check, removing malware and viruses, uninstalling redundant software, installing critical system updates and optimising your computer’s performance.

From desktop support to full server administration, on both Windows, Windows Server and OSX, we ensure your network and systems, whether for home or business, keep running smoothly and securely, for maximum efficiency and protecting you from cyber threat.


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