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Having worked in IT in a small business environment for some years, we started PC Man in 2005, recognising that there was a need for quality IT support for home users, offering the same level of service afforded to businesses, at reasonable rates and communicated in a way that even the most reluctant computer user would understand.

We soon added WiFi Man to our superhero team, concentrating on bringing high-speed WiFi and internet connections to both home and office users and AV Man, delivering bespoke audio visual solutions, multi-room audio and video design and installation.

With our experience of SMEs, it was a natural progression to extend support to our home users in their workplace, which has led to us expanding our service to include business support. In 2018 we developed this further, launching Edwards Young, specialising in cyber security consultancy.

We are committed to offering each of our customers, whether a home or business user, an excellent level of service designed for their individual needs, explained in language they understand and at a price they can afford.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Michael & Vicki Holland
PC Man Ltd

PC Man, WiFi Man and AV Man are trading names of PC Man Limited
Registered in the UK, Company Number: 05441695
Registered Office: Bank House. Southwick Square, Southwick, Brighton BN2 4FN


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